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CO2 MODBUS sensor - co2 sensor,humidity,voc - MODBUS
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190,40€ (taxes not included)
Reference: EN023551

This sensor gives information concerning carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration levels, the essential element in air quality monitoring and control in occupied buildings. This device has new sophisticated features as Scaling Control function where the user can scale the analogue output as trigger concentrations to connect and control ventilators, motorized grilles, air dampers…and different actuators devices where this proportional analogue output is accepted. The device analog and digital outputs are isolated from the main power supply.

Current and incoming legislation requires CO2 gas monitoring within building environments for optimal control of air quality. Moreover, such CO2 gas monitoring is employed within demand control ventilation systems used for building heating ventilation and air conditioning

Application Areas

Indoor Air Quality Measurement in Offices,

Schools, nurseries, kindergartens, Cinemas,

Conference rooms, hotels and residential areas

DCV- Demand Controlled Ventilation for energy savings

HVAC applications for building management

Home air quality control

Main Features

  • NDIR Dual, long life, reliability. No calibration required

  • 400-4000 ppm CO2 measurement sensor range

  • 16 bits MODBUS RTU word – MODBUS parameters remotely can be changed

  • Isolated outputs from the main power supply

  • Unique MAC Address identifier for remote control and web applications

  • Configurable baudrate by console, 9600 bps by default

  • Configurable physical MODBUS Address by console (default 16)

  • Configurable Settings: Thresholds, PPM levels and intensity LED lights

  • Scaling Function- Configurable Analogue Output Range

  • Configurable Digital Output (max. load 150 mA) locally

  • Trigger – 800 ppm by default

  • PID Controller Working Mode – Setpoint also configurable by BMS

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energy efficiency
eficiencia energética
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eficiencia energética