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  New CO2 wireless sensors for iAQ Measurements

Sensing technology of these sensors is optical, measuring the CO2 concentration of particles in the air through a sophisticated detection principle which through a specific wavelength is measured concentration of such particles and therefore, indoor air quality in buildings and homes. This type of measurement is mandatory in buildings types such as cinemas, theaters, conference rooms, gyms, according to EU/ASHRAE Normative and Building Regulations. Also this is recommended in office buildings, kindergartens etc. ... because in addition it is shown that good air quality, allowing greater comfort and improved performance at work, you can get big savings on building ventilation because the consumption of ventilation would be linked to the measurement of indoor air quality under what is known as DCV-Demand-Controlled Ventilation.

The reality is that the amount of fresh air in a room or in a building depends on the number of people or the occupancy of the building, due among other things to people also exhale carbon dioxide

eficiencia energética
energy efficiency
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