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eficiencia energética
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eficiencia energética
Humidity Temperature Analog Sensor Controller Humidity Temperature Analog Sensor Controller

Reference: EN221311
(taxes not included)
air quality
Outdoor Light Sensor IP54 24Vdc 0-10v Output Outdoor Light Sensor IP54 24Vdc 0-10v Output

Reference: V43-198
(taxes not included)
eficiencia energética
MODBUS temperature and Humidity sensor MODBUS temperature and Humidity sensor

Reference: EN220212
(taxes not included)
Energy-saving radiator thermostat Energy-saving radiator thermostat

Reference: EN840127
(taxes not included)
CO2 sensors

Reference: EN023551
(taxes not included)
eficiencia energética
Remote Monitoring Sensor’s Solution

With this solution we could have different sensors connected to a gateway/controller with an external internet connection throught a router or 3G access and visualize data with a web brosser or from a mobile APP (android&iOS)

Electrical Meter with Pulses Output -MID Certified
Electrical Meters is one solution needed for consumers and facility manager to handling and control the energy bill consumtion and to take measures of the electrical circuits.
VOC Air Quality Controller
Additionally to internal VOC sensor measures the device makes an internal PID algorithm calculation accordingly with the setpoint configurated by DIP switches to give an on-off relay signal to...
CO2 sensor + PID Controller
Nibblewave sensors manufacturer launches new CO2 sensor with PID controller on the same device. Besides expanding its proposal sensors for measuring indoor air quality in buildings...
Outdoor CO2 sensor

Nibblewave launches a new sensor for measuring CO2 to 4000ppm and outdoor use with IP66 protection grade -plastic filter IP55

CO2 MODBUS-Analogue Sensor with Controller Function

CO2 Sensors to IAQ measurement for use 24 hours per day and 7 days a week

Suitable for Hospitals, nurseries, kindergartens, plant office buildings… where windows can not be opened to self re-calibration mechanism...

wireless + analogue
For cases where an analog signal is required proportional to the concentration of CO2, and wants to leverage existing installation with minimum wiring works...
New CO2 wireless sensors for iAQ Measurements
ENOLUZ has launched to the market new wireless CO2 sensors with EnOcean standard protocol communication –ISO/IEC 14543-3-10- that measures the indoor CO2 concentration in indoor building environments
air quality
eficiencia energética
air quality
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