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CO2 sensors
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eficiencia energética
CO2 sensors
eficiencia energética
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Today energy consumption analysis is important not only for its impact on the electricity bill but by the degree of impact on pollutant emissions into the atmosphere and our climate footprint. Representing global energy consumption percentages ranging between 40% and 50% in the residential and tertiary sector, one must assess the impact of this consumption and identify potential savings in buildings and homes. When evaluating which disciplines within a building can provide energy savings, if in HVAC, lighting, etc ... need to measure the current state of the building to determine which produce the highest consumption and subsequent establish measures control to reduce energy consumption, reduce their impact and enable an electrical cost savings.


With EnOcean radio devices and probes can measure pulse counters electricity, gas and water, brightness, temperature, humidity and air quality co2, then act, or introduce measures for the HVAC system and lighting of the building, very important chapters in the energy consumption of this...
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