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Outdoor Motion detector - Peha - Motion Sensors
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Motion detector 290° pure white
Motion detector 290° pure white Motion detector 290° pure white Motion detector 290° pure white
Motion detector 290° pure white
101,20€ (taxes not included)
Reference: PH977893

Motion detector 290° designed to be surface-, wall- and ceiling-mounted, detection angle 120° horizontally, adjustable by +/- 30° by turning the optics, detection range can be reduced by positioning the lens cover and by vertically tilting the optics. Switched by press-to-break button/switch in the feed line.


Technical data:

Range (Mounting height 2.50 m/+ 22 °C): 16 m

Mounting height: 2–4 m, ideal 2.50 m

Detection levels:

7 Switching zone: 1060 Light value: 0.5 Lux up to daylight brightness, factory setting 7 Lux

Protection class IP 55

ON time: adjustable from 2 sec.–30 min., factory setting 2 min.

Pulse mode selectable: 1 sec. ON / 9 sec. OFF

Supply voltage: AC 230 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz

Screw terminals: min. 1 mm², max. 2 x 2.5 mm² N (neutral) terminal for looping through Dissipation: approx. 1 W Relay device, neutral conductor necessary

Switching capacity max.: 10 A Filament lamps: 2500 W Fluorescent lamps (ballast): 20 x 58 W (uncompensated) Energy-saving lamps: 8 pieces


Dimensions: L 180 x W 86 x D 74 mm

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CO2 sensors
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