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Repetidor 2º nivel UPR230_03 - Omnio - Repeaters
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Repeater 2-Level UPR230/03
Repeater 2-Level UPR230/03
226,10€ (taxes not included)
Reference: OM9004000
Repeater 2-Level UPR230/03.

The Ratio® repeater 2-Level UPR230/03 serves for the amplification of the radio telegram beween Ratio® radio senders and Ratio®-receivers. It is used in case of range difficulties between Ratio®-radio senders and Ratio® receivers.

The Ratio®-UP-Repeater has to be connected to power supply. There is no need to learn in devices. All received telegrams will be transmitted.

The Ratio®-Repeater 2-level has two modes, the 1- and the 2-Level-mode, which can be chosen by means of the two LED-push-buttons.

At the 1-Level-mode, telegrams are only once amplified, that means only the original telegram. At the 2-level-mode also telegrams of the Ratio® Repeater at 1-level-mode are being amplified..
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energy efficiency
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