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CO2 sensors
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CO2 sensors
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Wireless Temperature selfpowered sensor 0 to +40şC - 868MHz
Wireless Temperature selfpowered sensor 0 to +40şC - 868MHz   
Wireless Temperature selfpowered sensor 0 to +40şC - 868MHz
49,21€ (taxes not included)
Reference: EN020033

Wireless Temperature selfpowered sensor 0 to +40ºC - - 868MHz

Communication profile EEP A5-02-05

These sensors are designed to measure the ambient temperature and the wireless transmission to a receiver adapted. The sensor is powered by a solar cell autonomous and therefore maintenance free.

The temperature is measured every 100 seconds. If the temperature change between the two measurements exceeds + / -0.5 ° C, a message is sent.
In the absence of sufficient temperature variation, the information is transmitted every 15 minutes.
The accuracy of its measurements (0.16 ° C) ensures the comfort of its users.
When fully charged, the battery life allows it, even in the dark, stay active for 4 days.

Although installed, separating (with a small screwdriver) from its holder, the sensor can then make learning a receiver adapted to close it.

Dimensions: 78x25
CO2 sensors
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