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Field Intensity Meter EPM300 868 MHz - EnOcean - Tools
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Field Intensity Meter EPM300
Field Intensity Meter EPM300
46,00€ (taxes not included)
Reference: EN030043

EPM300(C) is a mobile device for radio link range testing. It helps electrical installers to find the right position to mount products supporting EnOcean protocol.

EPM300 is equipped with two sensor switches for on/off and mode selection. It will operate with two AA size primary batteries.

EPM300 (868 MHz) is CE certified and conforms to the R&TTE EU directive on radio equipment.

Grade of Protection: IP54


EPM300(C) modes:


§         Hold short will indicate every signal for about 0,5s, this is used to track radio activities with a short period e.g. push and release telegram of PTM switches.


§         Hold long will indicate every signal for about 1min. This is used to track telegrams with several seconds time gap.


§         Repeater mode can be used to find the best position for 1-level repeater.


§         Radio Link Test (RLT) will send telegrams periodically every 2s. This mode can be used to simulate a sensor /switch or to perform radio link statistic tests.


Signal indicators:


§         Signal high (green) indicates a very well received radio telegram. All kind of EnOcean receivers/transceivers can be placed.


§         Signal low (yellow) indicates a received telegram with medium field intensity (RSSI) level. An external antenna or repeater is recommended.


§         No installation (red) indicates a very low RSSI level, installation is not recommended.


§         Signal valid (green) means a valid EnOcean telegram has been received otherwise it can be a disturbing signal on the same frequency.


Dimensions: 110x70x25 mm
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